Energy System Planning up to 2050

The PlaMES tool will be developed in a modular way as Decision Support System (DSS). It will enable governments, from regional up to EU level, jointly with Transmission and Distribution System Operators (TSO and DSO) as well as Multi-utilities, to better plan the development of integrated energy infrastructures so as to guarantee a more reliable and effective generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy, jointly with thermal/cooling consumption, vehicles (electric and green fuel fed) and natural gas grid.

Next Events

16. September 2022

October 2022

PlaMES's Online Discovery Event
The PlaMES Decision Support System is going to be presented in all its functionality during an online event .
2. September 2022

September 2022

PlaMES's Results Presented at ODS2022
Matteo Pozzi has presented the results of our project on the 2022 ODS Conference on Optimization and Decision Science held in Florence, Italy.
24. May 2022

July 2022

PlaMES at EURO 2022
The 32nd EURO Conference will be held in Aalto. Matteo Pozzi is presenting the paper: Integrated planning of multi-energy systems (PlaMES): a comprehensive modelling framework and decision support tool.

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